#002-How to Avoid the Trap of Best Practices

On this episode of the Work on the Edge Podcast, we are going to talk about the concept of Best Practices…and how sometimes they aren’t

It seems these days that many people and organizations are very concerned with making sure they are conforming to the recognized “Best Practices” of their profession. The reason for this is that people and organizations want to feel assured that they are doing things in the best possible manner and that they are not opening themselves up to liability for not following what others believe to be the appropriate course of action.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • An example of a time when people in my own profession fell victim to the Best Practices trap
  • Why relying on Best Practices to make us better often has the opposite effect
  • How instead of operating using Best Practices to limit liability, that it instead opens you up to more potential liability, the exact opposite of what we intend
  • How relying on Best Practices decreases overall confidence in individuals and organizations
  • Actionable strategies to help you avoid the Best Practices trap
  • Questions to ask when if feels like you are falling victim to the Best Practices trap
  • And much more
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