#050-SMART Goals are Stupid. Dumb Goals are Better

This time of year you will hear a lot about goal setting. If you are listening to anyone talk about goal setting, it means you are probably not successful at goal setting. If you were you wouldn’t be listening.

If you are successful at achieving goals, then don’t waste your time listening to anything else on goal setting, including this podcast.

But if you have not had a good run when it comes to setting goals, maybe it’s because they way you’ve been taught to set and achieve goals isn’t right for you.

Most people who talk about goals use the SMART goals framework. And most people who try to set and attain SMART goals don’t get the results they want.

This is why I say SMART goals are stupid. But I realized I had been following a different goal setting system that I call DUMB goals.

Listen in to find out why SMART goals are stupid and dumb goals are better.

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