#010 Reintroduction

This isn’t a normal episode of the Work on the Edge Podcast. I didn’t really prepare for this at all. I just spoke off the cuff a little bit about some thoughts I had about the show and where I want to take it.

You see, I started this show initially to reach what I call High-Stakes professionals, people who work in careers where there are life or death type circumstances. But along the way, I have heard from several people are aren’t in one of these types of professions, and they were finding value in the show too.

I would no longer say that this show is just for people who work in high-stakes careers. But this show is definitely still for high-stakes professionals.

Here’s what I mean. Every area of our life that is important to us has high stakes. And anyone can be a professional. (See how I define professional HERE).

Work on the Edge is for anyone who is doing important work in some area of their life,(which is probably about all of us) and wants to become professional in that thing. It may be your job, but it may be your marriage, it may be your health and fitness, it may be in your finances, or it may be in some other role you play in life.

From here forward, we will be talking about lessons I learned while working in a high stakes career, and how they may apply not only to your high stakes career, but how it may apply to other areas of your life that you have identified as having high-stakes.

Please share this show with anyone who you think may be willing to become professional in some high stakes area of their life.

Facebook is a good way to do that:


Thank you, and take care


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