#009-Lead from the Bottom, Part 2

Last episode, we talked about the Lead from the Bottom Pyramid and how it allows you to have influence and lead, even if you aren’t in a leadership position. This episode will discuss the bottom level of the pyramid, service, and give a different perspective on what it means to serve.

I think that we often times define what is means to serve too narrowly, which leaves many people feeling lost when it comes to coming up with ways to serve those around them. When you look at things you are probably already doing as actually acts of service, it adds a new perspective to it and encourages you to look at everything you do through the lens of service.

On this show you’ll learn:

  • Why the question the listener asked was actually a perfect question for the Work on the Edge audience
  • The difference between direct and indirect service
  • The DIS-service test
  • How not being like Eeyore will help you serve better
  • The direct benefits of physical fitness to high stakes professionals
  • The easiest and most reliable way to influence someone
  • The best way to feel good, and how it helps you serve
  • What an African tribe can teach you about influence, and how I teach this same concept
  • How people’s fear of public speaking leaves an opportunity for you to serve
  • The two things are true if you have something to say
  • and much more…


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